Holistic. Inspiring. Inclusive. 

Practical tools and compassionate wisdom to help you give birth with calm, confidence, and connection.


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You deserve a childbirth class that empowers you on your own unique journey. 

Whether you're expecting a baby for the first time, or you're an experienced parent, this class is here to help you:

  • Understand the process and sensations of birth, and appreciate your body in a new way

  • Clarify your values and preferences, and how to communicate them

  • Embrace your experience, and become less fearful of "what if" scenarios

  • Embody calm, present-moment awareness, and understand how this helps in childbirth

  • Know when to rest and conserve your energy in labor, and when to be more active

  • Build a full "toolbox" with multiple techniques for coping with labor 

  • Get informed about how to make the decisions that are right for you

"I started out the class knowing what kind of birth I hoped to have, but fearing the pain and intensity.  Afterward, I feel calm, prepared and empowered, and am actually looking forward to giving birth!"

Monica was both calming and encouraging. She provided a really helpful mix of information about birth physiology, emotions, and concrete pain-management techniques. The atmosphere is very supportive and Monica is truly non-judgmental, providing options that everyone can use in diverse birth experiences rather than suggesting there is a single right way to do things.

This class is a must!"


As a student, you'll receive:

10 modules of pre-recorded content (60 lessons) delivered online over 3 weeks

PLUS a live workshop and online course community. You have full access to the course for 12 months.

Here's What You'll Learn

Week 1 (online)

Understand Birth

The birth process, demystified. You will gain a new appreciation of your body, what to expect from the sensations of labor, and how the birth process unfolds.


week 2 (online)

Find Your Flow

Everyone has their own coping style! By exploring a range of tools to help you enhance the flow of birth, you will learn how to move through labor in the way that's best for you.

week 3 (online)

Embrace Your Experience

Birth can involve hard choices & unexpected experiences. We explore tools for informed decision-making, approaching your birth with self-compassion, and preparing for life after baby.

And there's more

You'll also get these bonuses:

Bonus #1

Resource Library

A curated library of additional resources and information including helpful websites, videos, and podcasts

Bonus #2

Printable course workbook

Including self-reflection exercises and essential resources like: affirmations, labor support scripts, and stages of labor at a glance.

Bonus #3

Guided meditations

Downloadable guided meditation recordings to practice with and use at any time - even in labor, and beyond.

Grounded in professional experience and expertise

Your primary instructor is Monica Basile, PhD, Certified Professional Midwife, Childbirth Educator, Licensed Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master, and professor of Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies. 

After her own transformative birth experience, Monica was inspired to help others have positive and empowering births. Her work is now informed by more than 28 years of experience teaching prenatal classes and attending hundreds of births in both home and hospital settings.

Monica is passionate about helping expectant parents gain confidence in their ability to give birth through evidence-based, non-judgmental, supportive childbirth education.

Learn more about Monica at mapleseedbirth.com

"I can't express enough how fantastic this class is. I would love to take it over and over again!

Absolutely a must if you are expecting. So informative, comfortable, and fun! Monica is amazing, and it really feels good to be in a childbirth class that is rooted in evidence-based practices, support, and compassion."


"Monica is a profoundly calming spirit and incredibly knowledgeable and supportive no matter what kind of birthing experience you want. Highly, highly recommend!

The pregnancy seemed to be going really fast and felt overwhelming and scary at times. The Mindful Birthing class really helped put things in perspective, demystified the birthing process, and instilled in both my wife and me a confidence and comfort that we hadn't been able to gain through reading and talking to other moms."


“This class gave us lots of useful tools. Afterward, we felt very well equipped to make choices that felt right for our family.

This course was the perfect blend of facts and information, hands-on learning, and internal work. I loved how comprehensive the material was, focusing not only on what happens in the body during birth but also what can happen in the mind and heart."



The transformative power of birth changed my life.

As a teen single parent, I was determined to give birth on my own terms. Through my midwife's care, the prenatal class I took, and the connections I made with my community, I was able to create a birth and parenting experience that was truly empowering. It set me on the path to a close bond with my son, and a fulfilling career supporting families through birth.

I know exactly what it is to feel overwhelmed by the immense challenge of bringing a child into the world, and I know how crucial it is to have a trusted guide in that process.

You already have what it takes to birth with courage and confidence.

Mindful Birthing is a roadmap to your own inner wisdom and capabilities.

This class is an inclusive and judgement-free space.

Here, you will learn to work with the flow of physiological birth, and also become prepared for multiple birthing options: medicated, unmedicated, or cesarean birth; home, birth center, or hospital birth. This class is LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC-friendly, and uses gender inclusive language.

Monica is certified in Embodied Trauma-Conscious Reproductive Health and teaches from a trauma-aware perspective.

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